Friday, June 14, 2013

loving this summer a bit much.

being with these silly girls is what life is all about…

we are loving every little bit of our summer!

we attempted riding without training wheels, for like, 15 minutes..

they are back on, as high as I can get them to help her learn to balance..


best $20 spent this summer was on a slip and slide.


seriously..  this is awesome!


up next, we have a bathroom re-do coming up where I will attempt to board and batten one wall.  yes, just one.

until then, we will be outside, soaking up the sun, a laughing, a lot.

saw this quote on pinterest


and knew it needed a home on one of my pages.  I really wanted to put it on a canvas and hang in the house, but then liv came out with her latest creation, and it was decided.

her cut-out alphas are perfect, don’t you say?


so the pic is old, just a couple of years, but it’s perfect..


(click on layout for full list of credits.)

back to laying in the sun.

I will let you know about all the beautiful things I see later.

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