Monday, May 19, 2014


I don’t believe in coincidences.

I can’t.

so with my choice to be happy, no matter what, I haven’t found it coincidental that there are so many things that just kind of happen, that remind me of what I am choosing out of life these days.

as I sat down to work (play) with the project life release from stampin’ up!, I saw no coincidence with all the happy things I was seeing..


as I end my days, I reflect on the happy.

I realize that not every day is entirely happy or perfect, and sure, as I journal, I note the things that are troubling. I don’t go into great detail about them, I don’t want that to be my focus. I seek out the happy, no matter how small.

my favorite is to look through the pictures I have managed to capture.. it’s happiness frozen.


I look ahead at what’s to come, not really “loving” all of it, but still, loving what I can about the now.

school will be out this week.

summer will be here.

I am trying to not look past that right now.. if I look beyond, that means another year of school. lynn one step closer to junior high. ashley getting that much more smart-assey, and peyton gone. all. day. long.

but I will take it one week at a time..

one week..

I am thankful that my goal to do project life helps me to focus, reflect, and to embrace all of the happy.

and wouldn’t you know, this week’s digital project life release is called “happy”.


nope, no coincidence.

here’s to another happy day.

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Missy said...

I love this. There are bad days and hard times, but I think we let them take the main stage sometimes instead of letting the light shine from the happy ones. I've been thinking a lot about happiness this week as I have lost a dear friend and have been working though the heartache that comes with that. I have been thinking about what made him so amazing... what drew people to him like flies on honey? It was the way he made people feel. The way he radiated joy, even in the dark times which he had many. He made service and others priority and he chose to find the sunlight amongst the storm clouds. I want to be like that, you know? That doesn't mean we don't allow ourselves a full array of emotions. It just means we feel the heartache fully, and then we pick ourselves up, dust off, and find the joy again.
Aaaaaand, that was a long rambling pile of mush. My apologies.