Thursday, October 6, 2011

family prayer is not a contact sport.

at least at our house.

sept 457

so twas the night before ashley’s birthday, and all through the house, the family was gathering, for family prayer, of course.

peyton was snuggled all up with her dad.  watching some blather on fox news. so sad.

lynn and ashley were wild, rambunctious you could say, and I, as their mother, was having it in no way.  I started to yell, get after them a bit, but little peyton, so sweet and so small, started to cry.

I wasn’t getting after her at all!

but that wasn’t the issue.  nope, not the yelling at all.

“my thumb!” was the problem with our child so small.

but what with the thumb?  that was quite the mystery.

she’d let not I or her father examine it, even gingerly.

so at five to nine (when the instacare doth close), we gathered her up and I dashed out the door.  sped down more than a few blocks to the instacare we did go, got there just in the nick of time, just as the nurse was about to lock the door.

“do you need to be seen?”  she asked cheerfully.

“yes,” I replied, “the er co-pay is far too obscene.”

the staff happily, willfully took care of my child.  I was made happier to see our favorite doctor there..  my mind went quite wild.

(yup, the rhyming is starting to suck..)

“tis’ not broken.”  he said, “methinks it just a sprain.”

so we left with a splint, and orders for x-rays, just in case.

the point of this story, as I have so artfully told to you, is that I still have no idea how peyton hurt her thumb, but it is feeling better now.

(yes, I have given up.)

I think it had something to do with her subconscious knowing that the next day was ashley’s birthday, and that ashley would be hogging all the attention.  (as is her right.)

not saying it was intentional at all, just that she knows, subconsciously.  or something.

as we went to see the doctor, the most amazing doctor of all time, it was close, but we got there.

he told us that if it still hurt the next day, was swollen and she couldn’t move it, then to take her directly to the hospital for x-rays.

then he asked us what happened.

that was funny.

as I told him and the nurse, they laughed.

“family prayer was never a contact sport in my home..  family home evening was.”

she really is doing better.  the splint came off today.

you should also hear how cute it is to hear her say splint, with a cold.

bottom line, I am so thankful that we were able to get there, just in time, and that the doctor who was best able to care for us (in my opinion) was there too.

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Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Your post title made me giggle! Poor Peyton! I am glad she is feeling better! And I hope her cold goes away soon!