Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Happenings of 2011

october 001edit

This year proved to be just as chaotic (if not more so) than previous years.

Saturday, we realized that we needed to cram in a lot of fun, and fast!

We went out to a pumpkin patch, conveniently located near Lagoon (the girls have been loudly hoping and wishing all year long to go..) because, well, we didn’t have pumpkins.

We went on a search for just the right pumpkin for each girl.

october 026editoctober 040editoctober 045editoctober 053edit

(It wasn’t as easy as we thought, especially for Peyton.)

Then we spent the day at Lagoon.  We thought we were surprising them, but there wasn’t much surprise expressed.

It was such a fun day!  Peyton is finally tall enough to enjoy a lot of the rides.  She giggled more than I think she did at Disneyland, and that is surprising!  She loved the skyride, rode it twice in a row.  She also loved the Tidalwave.  The second time she rode it, she whispered to me, “This make my tummy feel a bit funny.”

Ashley also hit a new height that allowed her to ride more rides.  Colossus and Wicked are her two new favorites.  (They are a definite tie.)  We rode Colossus (walked-on tow in a row) and she wasn’t done!  The kid would have kept going.

Lynn also rode wicked for the first time and loved it.  She was a bit nervous, but she loved it.

We also enjoyed the family trunk-or-treat the weekend before Halloween, got a good jump-start on the sugar high. 

Pumpkin carving was a joy.

october 094edit

(Seeds are still drying out.)

october 120edit

And then there was the day of.

There is a smaller, “B” story if you will to the Halloween festivities of 2011.  I will call it “The  Great Costume Conundrum.”

Peyton started out the season with the plan to be Bo again.  I wasn’t complaining.  Lynn wanted to be a candy corn (or a bag of twizzlers, seems there is a candy theme constantly running through her head..  remember last year?) and it was great to re-use a costume.  And Ash, well, she is obsessed with Mulan lately..  so guess what she wanted to be?

Well, the genius mom that I am, while ordering Ashley’s Mulan costume online, I could get free shipping if I ordered one more item.  With the costumes all being on sale, I thought it would be really silly if I didn’t order Peyton a Pocahontas dress-up for her birthday and totally be ahead of the game for once.  So , I did.

Good thing, because as Peyton and I were going to procure the necessary items for Lynn’s candy corn costume, she reveals to me that she really wants to be Pocahontas for Halloween, and could I please make her a Pocahontas costume?

Haha!!  So ahead of the game.

So then, she was going to be Pocahontas.

“But Pocahontas doesn’t wear any shoes mom.”

THEN, I got out the great bin of costumes from Halloween’s past.  Lynn’s Old Navy dragon costume was lying in there, the perfect size for Peyton this year (not to mention super warm), and Peyton fell in love with it.

The girl wore the costume every day, it was the first thing she wanted to put on every day.

She was going to be a dragon.

Until this morning.

She watched Pocahontas, while wearing her dragon costume.

Then she was going to be Pocahontas, again.

Until it was time to go and run errands, and then she was going to be a dragon, again.

Silly kid.

october 136edit

(Doesn’t Lynn look so happy?)

Today, we went to the girls’ parade at school, where I discovered that Ash is student of the month in her class (again.), and she knew, but never told me.  After school, we went to the ward trunk-or-treat, then off to visit grandparents.  We only found a couple of those grandparents though!

The girls would tell you it was a successful night, they got their fair share of candy and a slightly later than usual bedtime.


Tiffany said...

I love the candy corn costume, how fun! They are all super cute girls.

Ally's Corner said...

They are so cute!