Tuesday, November 1, 2011

another month of thankfulness.

last year, I made a point to find something to be thankful for everyday for the month of november.  it was a rather good thing, and something I rather looked forward to doing again this year.

so here goes!

today I am thankful for know-how.  for what my parents have taught me.  I am also thankful for the internet, which aided me, and my know-how, in my pursuit to fix my dryer.  I took it apart today in an attempt to fix it’s problem, leaving gray and sometimes black streaks on my clothes (grrrrr…).  I think I will have also sped up the drying time, you know, once the part I need gets here, gets put in, and the whole she-bang is up and at them again.

I am thankful for the spirit, which prompted a friend to call me for help.  a crying baby is something that I can easily help with, and it gave me a little break from two, un-named, rambunctious girls of mine…

speaking of them…

girls fall pix 010edit_sepia burngirls fall pix 019edit_vintage girls fall pix 023edit_vintagegirls fall pix 169edit_vintagegirls fall pix 184edit_vintagegirls fall pix 156edit_vintagegirls fall pix 128edit_vintage

I am pretty darn thankful for them too.

(especially when one farts, just to get the others to smile and laugh for a picture.)


Cory and Kylee said...

you have the darnest cutest girls! I hope i get lucky enough to one day! love ya and miss ya!

Jocelyn said...

love love LOVE all the new pics of your girls! You are amazing with your camera:-)