Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I can think of many things to be thankful for today..

My super, extra-large, gargantuan clothes dryer.  (aka my bedroom.)  It only takes clothing 12 hours to dry.  But seriously, at least I have someplace to hang it all, and the hangers to hang them on, to hang them all on those chairs and drawers..

Maybe I should be thankful for my little collection of chairs as well.  Drawers too.

I am also thankful that it was half day (more time with the kiddos).

Thankful for my best friend who was able to take care of my oldest child today while I went to Lowe’s for the second time in one day.

Thankful that Lynn got her homework packet done with minimal threats on my behalf.

Thankful to have such great tumbling teachers!  The girls LOVE it.  Peyton cries because her class hasn’t started yet, but grandma finds a way to sneak in a turn for her.  I love seeing them learn and grow, and the stretching, that stretching is just too cute!

Well, while I am being honest here, I am thankful for bedtime just as much as I am thankful for the half day of school.

But really, in all, complete and utter seriousness, I am most thankful to have been able to spend time with my mom today.

We got to go shopping, looking at new washers.  Honestly, new washers are so exciting!  We talked and talked, and we seem to never have enough time to say all there is to say..  and that is with almost daily phone calls.

We enjoyed lunch and running other errands.

But these are rare days, these days when I get to spend such time with my mom.

Sometimes, I get homesick for the days before school started for the girls, when life was more relaxed.  I would load up whatever children I had, and head out to mom’s for the day.  We would sit and quilt, crochet, play with the girls, make lunch (and you know it always tastes better because mom made it..).  The day wouldn’t end until grandma and grandpa would come for dinner.  Then I would pack my kiddos up, and we would head home to start our own dinner.

I miss those days.

But I had one pretty close to those kind today.

Thanks mom!!  I love you.


Ally's Corner said...

You are very blessed to have wonderful relationship with your mother. Not all mother daughter relationships are like that!

Bon said...

sniff* just love this post, you and your mom and girls, and grandma and grandpa