Friday, November 4, 2011

Days three and four.

I have so gratitude to catch up on! 

I am thankful for a working washer, one that doesn’t leak.

I am thankful for family, family that lives so close, family that I can spend time with, get support from.  A family that we have a lot of fun with.

I am thankful that my kids have cousins as their best friends.

I am thankful that we got to talk to Merrill today.  Two days with only a few texts as communication leads to weird/bad dreams.  The girls were so happy to talk to him.

I am thankful for my kids, to be able to look back on their little lives and to have so many memories of them.  I wish I were better at recording them..

As I took down the picture frames from our staircase to update the pictures, I got to go through the years of pictures underneath the most current one.  They go back eight years.  It was a little tearful, but I am so thankful for the blessings they are in my life!

Even though I love them like crazy, I was also thankful to have my best friend’s husband offer to come and sit with them as they slept last night so I could get out and play volleyball.

I am also thankful for this time of the year.  There is a feeling about our home as the weather turns.  We draw closer together.  It’s quite cozy.

On this snowy night, I am thankful that there is no school tomorrow, and the girls and I are snuggled up in my bed together enjoying a movie.

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jaclyn said...

i ve been without a dryer for a couple weeks... i know the annoyance . glad its resolved though!