Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the best hot cocoa EVER.

(I have my friend dani, and our mutual love of pinterest to thank for this incredible pot of hot goodness.  thanks dani!!!)

christmas break finds our little family staying inside and spending a lot of time together.

(I started to wonder if it was too much time this year.  can you say drama?)

when evening comes, you can usually find three little girls who are in need of a snack (read: they are “starving”), and I could take a little sweet something or other as well.

I found this recipe, through a friend’s pin on pinterest, and knew I had to make it.  I am pretty sure it was the can of sweetened condensed milk that convinced me.  you can take that to mean either that it has sweetened condensed milk in it, or that I get to lick the can clean.  whichever. take your pick.

(but I did get lynn hooked on it, so there.)

I apologize for no picture, but if you can imagine a cup of melted chocolate (plus that sweetened condensed milk, please don’t forget that, whatever you do!!!), some whipped cream on top, and angels singing, you got it.

now I say it is the best because merrill likes it!!

merrill calls most cocoa “hot caca”.  and if you remember anything from junior high spanish, you will recall that “caca” is not good.

but let’s be honest, the kid doesn’t like green olives (?!?) and he usually sleeps diagonally in bed.  he has a few issues.  (we can go into those later.)

I changed it a tiny bit, because the first time I made it, I used the bittersweet chocolate chips and it was “too rich” for some people’s taste.  so the second time around I used milk chocolate instead.

here’s the link.

here’s the recipe:

Polar Express Hot Chocolate (aka the BEST hot chocolate you've ever tasted) Recipe:

--1.5 cups of heavy cream

--1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)

--2 cups of bittersweet chocolate chips

--6 cups of milk

--1 tsp vanilla extract

In a large pot over low heat, combine all of the above ingredients.  Stir regularly for 30-40 minutes until chocolate is fully melted and incorporated with other ingredients. 

this was perfect to have in the evening and cover it, stick it in the fridge and then warm it up the next morning to have with breakfast.  or FOR breakfast.

seriously the best EVER.

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Amber said...

That sounds delicious! Unfortunately, I'll never get to taste it as some of us have problems with too much lactose. :( I miss out on lots of good hot chocolate because of said sensitivity. Thankfully, it's not complete intolerance- yet- so I can still have cheese. The real point is, I'll need you to drink a cup or two in my honor if you can find it in your heart.