Saturday, January 7, 2012


merrill and I come from some pretty tight-knit families.  well, our moms’ sides at least.  both of our moms come from big families (my mom is one of 7 merrill’s mom is one of 9), and we still see the majority of all of those cousins.

it gets kind of confusing when you refer to someone as your “cousin-in-law”.  so we just call each other “cousin”.

so this is my cousin (merrill’s cousin), and her baby.

beautiful story of a couple who tries and tries and tries for a baby, and 9 years later, when they have basically given up, are surprised.

he is such a wonderful surprise!

such a sweetie…  I loved how happy he was, his many expressions, and his silly little tongue!

thor_01_vintage1thor_02_b&w      thor_13_vintage1thor_16_b&w-burnthor_18_vintage1thor_23_b&wthor_22_vintage1thor_25_b&w-burnthor_28_vintage1thor_36_b&w-burnthor_38_b&w-burnthor_41_vintage1thor_43_b&w      thor_45_b&w-burnthor_50_b&wthor_56_vintage1      thor_61_b&wthor_59_vintage1

so happy I got to see you carrie and take shots of this sweetie!


Julie said...

so cute

Carrie said...

Thanks! You did such a wonderful job. Gary's mom cried when she saw the photos.