Monday, February 13, 2012

how many ways can you say 4?

(indulge me here, k?)

today, peyton turned 4.

4 brings lots and lots of excitement to life around these parts.

today, we tried out various combinations with our fingers to get the number 4.

we based a whole day around a new obsession, “aladdin” and all things princess jasmine.

the other day, peyton finally wrote her name!!!

(and in “finally”, I mean she finally showed interest in writing anything more than a “p”.)

as she wrote the “p” there was a little excitement, cause you have to show it every time.  then she got to her “e”.

I teared-up.

after she wrote the rest of those all too cute letters in her name, my eyes were glassy.

she said, “let’s do it again mom..  and this time, don’t cry.  k?”

see, she’s 4 alright.

february 030edfebruary 034ed      february 035edfebruary 049edfebruary 040ed      february 041edfebruary 057edfebruary 046ed      february 076edfebruary 061edfebruary 093ed      february 105edfebruary 063edfebruary 121ed

and because my children want to challenge me in my cake decorating skills, peyton asked for a jasmine cake. 

(her eyes are too big, but what of it?  they are turning into poop even as I type.)

to aid me in my feat, we watched aladdin.

a lot.

the music is etched into my brain.

february 126edfebruary 198ed

so, now she is 4.


Ally's Corner said...

Can't believe she is 4. Have we been friends that long... Wow!
Happy Birthday Peyton!!!

Julie said...

She makes an adorable 4-year-old. Happy birthday, Pey!

Jocelyn said...

She has the most greatest infectious smile!!! I love it!!!! Happy Bday to your little cutie:-)