Monday, February 6, 2012

we <3 the planetarium.

once again, the perks of being related to a member of the state legislature, are kicking in.

last week we went to the clark planetarium

dude, our kids love it there!

everything from the dome theater, where we get to explore the galaxies, and laugh about different constellations, to the IMAX flicks, the free exhibits, all the knowledge!  we just love it.

this time, the girls enjoyed a demonstration with liquid nitrogen.  (let’s be honest, merrill and I did too.)  amazing.

peyton made a request for this for her birthday..


ashley looked forward to this favorite at the top of the stairs.


and the dome theater.  she loved seeing betelgeuse (pronounced: “beetlejuice”) again.  she looked forward to the dome theater the most.


she liked the IMAX too, but something was off about it all….


lynnie-lou loved the IMAX flick the most.  ashley was so-so, it was way over peyton’s head.  it would have been better to see “born to be wild” but we got there just as it was going to start.  “space jund 3D” had to be it.  it was quite interesting.  free popcorn and drinks helped the less-interested of our party.


this pic is so blurry, but I love it!  I took in in the dark, so I couldn’t really see what I was doing, it was like pointing the camera in that general direction and praying.  it was so dark.  but look at how into the movie she is.  I love it.


lynn lifted a meteorite or two.


then peyton saw “newton’s daydream”.

she was in her own daydream enjoying this.

when she initially saw it, she said, “mom, I wish I was one of those little balls in there…”



but, really, everyone loved it.





and then we walked on the moon and mars, and went home.


so thankful that my kids get these kind of opportunities.

we are already planning a trip back.

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