Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my diy get-up.

it is another challenge for our ffa club.

(no, I would not put you through this special kind of torture if it weren’t for this blasted club..)

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hide the men-folk.

I am lookin’ hawt.

(many thanks to my 7 year-old amateur photog.)

(she did some pretty amazing work.)

(and dudes, I totally trusted her with my camera!!)

diy getup 01_ed

see.  secksy, right?

let’s break this down, all fashion-show style, yo.

A- the pants.

they have been kickin’ it round these parts for the better part of 4 years, almost 5.  they lived through one pregnancy, one post-partum recovery, many lake powell trips, and multiple room paint jobs.

I am sure that if I were in need of matching a paint color, there would be a sample that someone could scan, somewhere on these bad boys, to get a new gallon or two.

(but that might be highly inappropriate.  maybe?)

2- the shirt.  it is a lucky shirt.  look at it, it even has a horse shoe.  it asks if you are feeling lucky, and what’s more?  it’s green.  like, the luckiest of colors.

and wouldn’t you also know, it must be pretty darn lucky cause it has fared much better than the pants.  I mean, it hasn’t been around as long, but I only has one tiny smudge of grayish paint above the right boob area.

see, pretty lucky!

III-  the feet must always be bare.  no matter the season, they must be bare.  well, except for when I am behind the mower.  and that would be where my zig-zag tan lines come into play…

(do you spot them?  they are awesome.)

d- the hair. 

it’s always up.  if I am painting a ceiling, you can count on me wearing a hoodie, maybe even glasses.  I look much like the unabomber.  minus the thick and luscious stache.

and if the above picture didn’t exactly “do it” for you, here’s an outtake:

diy getup 02_ed


Tricky Nag said...

Stopped by from J*S. LOVE the look and the FFA club!

I also am rather taken with your Father's Day gift. I'm not organized enough to copy it this year, but for next year, I'm all over it!!

Julie said...

Love the outfit! I think the paint just adds to the greatness of it.

Jocelyn said...

haha! I love that you were brave enough to post your painting clothes! You are simply adorable:-)

Missy said...

SEXY! Dang, I haven't done any challenges lately. I am sucking it up. Crappy FFA member over here in my house...