Friday, June 15, 2012

ryker + drake + the aqua wall of my dreams

there is this wall, kind of near tony’s (ish) in ogden.

I have seen it, I don’t know how many times exactly, but I have seen it many a time.  I have always loved the color.  I have always wanted to use it as a backdrop.  I have dreamed about it.

so one would think I would try it out with my girlies, right?  they were not excited about it, not in the least my friends.

so I waited…

and waited some more…

and then the chance came.

my friend, angi, wanted some new pictures taken of her boys (there are others here, here, and here), and she didn’t have a spot in mind for this shoot, so I turned her on to this one.

she totally went with it!

and it was awesome.

mind you, the wall is kind of wonky, as in, the ground has a slant and the wall looks crooked no matter what you do, but the color is to die for, so I can deal with the wonkiness.

I must add, before I send you into a picture coma, that now my girls are totally into this wall!!!

(they think the suckers will be involved in their shoot as well.)

(they might just be..  I do have a “bribe bin”.)

(wink, wink.)

ryker drake 03_edit_vintageryker drake 17_edit_b&wryker drake 10_edit_vintage   ryker drake 12_edit_vintageryker drake 13_edit_vintage   ryker drake 28_edit_vintageryker drake 07_edit_vintageryker drake 09_edit_vintageryker drake 14_edit_b&w   ryker drake 25_edit_b&wryker drake 19_edit_vintageryker drake 22_edit_b&wryker drake 27_edit_vintage   ryker drake 31_edit_vintage


Julie said...

So love the pictures. Especially the ones with the suckers. So cute!

Jocelyn said...

You're right...that is one fabulous wall! I love it to pieces! And the ones with the suckers...way too cute!!!

sav said...

um... brad and i have totally had our pictures taken by that wall... and in that laundry mat! FUN! i love it... when i saw it on FB i knew exactly what it was.. plan on doing our pics in october/november-ish. mmmmk? splash pad this week. i will text ya!

Tristan Neider said...

I loved these pictures so much I went to have my sister take some pictures of Cole in front of this wall and was sad to see they are taking it down. I was able to get a few shots in an area they hadn't removed yet. I thought you might want to know though so you didn't show up for another photo shoot and be disappointed.