Thursday, October 11, 2012

quite the weekend.

this last weekend, was one to never forget.

ashley turned 8.

october 013ED_vintage

she was baptized the day after her birthday.

october 037october 041

(thanks dad for taking this picture!!)

it was a good day.  2 soccer games (at the same time no less), conference, and ash was baptized between sessions.

we like to keep it simple in our family, simple program, short and sweet, nothing too crazy. 

merrill baptized and confirmed her, he did wonderfully.  it was fun to watch them in the hall before, practicing the hold and dunk move.  this time, I made sure to remember the controls to the electric blanket to help warm her afterward.  (I forgot them with lynn, she froze!!)  I love how simple ashley is, she has a different personality than lynn, and her taste is more simple.  her hair wasn’t a big deal, neither was her dress.  love this girl.

I did find it interesting when merrill confirmed her, that she was blessed, again, with integrity.  the same thing was said when she was blessed as a baby.  I found it interesting then too. 

it has been fun watching her grow up and come to this point.  she’s quite a girl!

and I marked one year (ONE YEAR!!) of no yelling (out of anger) at my girls.

(soccer is another matter.  that qualifies as excitement, not anger.)

more on that later.


Julie said...

Thank you so much for letting us be part of this special day. We are so proud of Ashley. And you, a whole year of no yelling? You are pretty amazing. Love ya!

Tricky Nag said...

One year without yelling?? Do share the secret. I've focussed on this for a while now. While the yelling is way down, I haven't been able to eliminate it completely. Tips appreciated.