Wednesday, January 16, 2013

cozy kindle


or is it “kindle cozy”? 

my words are getting so mixed up what with all the FREEZING weather we have been having.  today it is supposed to reach 19.  that is warm considering the other day our high was 3.

don’t believe me?

take a gander at my porch:

jan 089

there is NOT A THING I can do about this situation.

not a single thing.

ice melt..

pffft.  three times a day.

I have even tried a hammer and a garden hoe.  that method helped the top step and the walkway, but not the bottom guy there.  merrill already has a home improvement project lined up for when there isn’t so much snow outside. 

two words: heat cable.

we already have it on the roof, but he’s going to put it in the rain gutter and the downspout.  this is where the problem lies frozen..

yes, my porch is a death trap, but that is not what I am really here to blog about.

onto the kindle cozy!!


lynnie-lou got a kindle fire for christmas (I am dropping hints like crazy as to what someone can get my for my birthday…) and the girl LOVES it.  she is our bookworm.  we also got her a case, which is awesome, but darn pinterest!  I saw the most darling kindle/tablet/nook/iPad cozys there and I HAD to make one.


I used amy tangerine digital papers from AC digitals, printing them off on inkjet fabric sheets.  I did the same thing for the embellishments I used, adding some heat and bond to the back making it just a smidge easier sewing those babies in place. 


I took the cute little corduroy button with the silhouette that looks amazingly like lynn, and using a button cover kit, covered a button to use as a fastener.

the construction was fairly easy.

first, I assembled the front pocket piece by ironing on my embellishments, and sewing where I wanted them sewn as well.  I stenciled the “L” using fabric tempered acrylic paint.  then I cut my pieces.  I cut 4 pieces of fabric, and one of thin batting, at 7 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches wide (big outer pocket pieces) and 2 pieces of fabric, and one of thing batting, at 7 1/2 x 8 3/4 (smaller outer pocket). 

I matched up my fabrics into the big pocket pieces and the outer pocket piece.  (I used the yellow chevron, green and white polka dot, blue sky with clouds, and the little paper dolls on grey.)  I then sewed, with the right sides of my fabric together, and a piece of batting on the bottom, just the top edge.  I pressed the seam open, and then flipped it right side out and pressed and then top stitched along the top edge so it would look pretty.  I stacked them with the outer pocket sitting the way I want it to, but had the main big pockets right sides together.  it is easier said than done, sewing down the sides and along the bottom, I had to adjust my tension and change my needle to a denim needle.

after they were all straight stitched, I overcast stitched the edges.  I kinda love an overcast stitch.

I marked the middle inside of the back piece and the middle front of the outer pocket.

I took a 2 and a half inch piece of elastic, looped it, and attached it to the inside of the back piece, letting the loop stick above the top of the piece.

I sewed a good few stitches to attach the button to the outside of the front pocket.

lynn loves it, and well, so do i!

if you love these patterns and embellishments as much as I do, click on the pictures to take you to the AC digitals store.



Julie said...

So stinkin' cute! I love the way it turned out (the cozy, not the stairs).

Missy said...


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Oh, so someone's birthday is coming up.. um mine, and I could use a kindle cozy, maybe a certain friend of mine could craft me one,(I buy my own birthday presents every year) and I will pay her handsomely for it? :)

Soph Mayes said...

That is sooooo cute! I want one.(;