Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

I've been keeping busy. It helps. But I think it is causing poor Peyton some trauma. She still isn't asleep!
I am trying to focus on the fun, the positive.
This morning I got the girls up. Lynn had pre-school, and right after I dropped her off, I intended to run more errands...
I couldn't get Ash out of bed. So I got her her daily breakfast of Fruit Loops and chocolate milk. She came into the kitchen and sat in front of the heater vent to get warm. I told the girls to sit down and eat. Ash responded with, "Mom, I'm done with my gum."
I said, "What???"
Ash: "I'm done with my gum." Chewing.
I couldn't believe that after I got their teeth all brushed last night, she somehow got gum, and kept it in her mouth all night.
She does want a haircut though....

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