Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A good day...

Had a good day today.
Such a blessing to have time spent with friends, remembering, talking, learning from each other, gaining understanding.
A few of us got together to work on a scrapbook of Scout Camp to give to the family. It was so fun to see what these guys got to experience together. What a neat kid! Good idea Christie!
We discussed the Plan of Salvation a lot, and so much peace comes with that. It led me to even more questions, which I talked about with mom and dad. I am so thankful to have parents that have the wisdom I need.
Grandma is continuing to do poorly. Her doc cut her dose of painkiller in half, hoping that that might give her more clarity, so she won't be so sleepy and loopy. Not so. She can't think straight, still. She couldn't remember what her leg was called. Trying to get out the word took her a while. She finally got out the word "defibrillator"... how do you get that and leg crossed, I don't know. Grandpa is getting more confused too. Maybe it's just the stress. He called mom and she answered her phone. He kept yelling, "Hello! Hello!" When mom got him to say more than "hello", she asked him what he needed, he said, "What do I need? You're the one who called me!"
I got to see them today. Mom watched the girls while I had my six week check-up, which went well... So I was there when they came to dinner. Grandma looks really... I don't know how to say it... old, lifeless, skinny, there's not much left. Grandpa tries to help her along. It's sweet to see how good he is to her when he can barely get around himself. They love seeing any of their great-grandkids... They are both happy to see them, but I think Grandpa especially. Ash is his buddy but he loves Peyton so much. He just holds her hand and talks to her. I want her to know him. But time goes on...
While this is hard, I am so thankful that at least we know it's coming, we have time. I am thankful for the time.

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Ally0005 said...

Thanks for your prayers, it means alot. I knew when I found your blog you were a sweet soal.