Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I love this time of the year for so many reasons..

There is this, cool, fresh crispness to the air.  There is a definite smell to fall.

Flannel becomes a part of the daily wardrobe, sometimes 24 hours of it.

Fall pumpkiny, spicy scents for the warmer.

Warm hearty dinners.

Soup for lunch.

In the mood to bake (even more).

I like how it gets dark sooner.  It does get old when we start to crave summer, but I love having the family gathered in, spending the evening together.

I also love the abundance of the harvest, especially tomatoes.

I picked all of these off of one plant in one day.

We are in heaven, for a couple of days at least.

(We pray that we will still get more.)


Our last zucchini, but at this size, and how many we got, I think we (and our freezer) will be okay.



Ally's Corner said...

That zucchini is almost as big as she is... so funny!

Jocelyn said...

holy zucchini batman!!! I think you will make it until next year with that:-)

anniebobannie said...

All the things you just listed are by far my FAVORITE things about fall! The harvesty smell in the air. Sunggling inside with family. Yummy smells baking or in the sentsy. Darker earlier (for now)! LOVE IT!!! I am so glad we agree on this!