Friday, June 1, 2012

me & my dad: mini album for the kiddos

so here’s the deal, I saw this on pinterest, loved the idea, and kind of ran, a little zig-zag crazy-like with the idea.

but I am in love with it!

(oh, yeah, merrill..  if you are reading this, stop.  close out the page.  go look at some funny stuff on “the chive” or something, okay?  seriously, get a snack or a drink.  don’t come back here.  k?  loveyoubye.)

you can never be too careful, you know?

so anyway..  it’s a mini album, mostly stuff the kiddos can do, filling out question & answer sheets, drawing pictures..  it’s fun.

unless you have two kiddos that take after their mom and are perfectionists.  that is slightly problematic.

there are eight 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 pages for each kiddo to fill out.

fathers_day_book_pg1 copyfathers_day_book_pg2 copyfathers_day_book_pg4 copy fathers_day_book_pg3 copy

(here’s the download link for the printable pages.)

there are some pretty fun questions there!

we grabbed a bunch of supplies, like sharp pencils with good erasers, crayons and such.

me&my_dad_mini_album 003me&my_dad_mini_album 006me&my_dad_mini_album 009

for the cover, I used some chipboard that I cut down to 6 inches square.  I made a template to help me in punching all the holes too.  the inner pages are all 5 1/2 inches square.

I had to hunt down book rings (those things were harder to find than I thought..) to bind it all together.  ribbon and ric-rac tied to one ring helped to polish that off.

I used my cricut to cut out the circle and scallop shapes on the front (“storybook” cartridge) and the “street sign” font cartridge for the lettering.  I obviously cut the letters out in different sizes too.

I also pierced holes in the circle + scallop after I glued them together, but before I glued down my letters, and used a cross-stitch needle and some floss to stitch around the inside edge of the circle.

me&my_dad_mini_album 014

I made a pocket in the front, to slip in a little letter from myself too. 

me&my_dad_mini_album 016

I added dividers with a tab at the top of each to write each of my girls’ names on.

me&my_dad_mini_album 018

I also added a picture of each of them with their dad.

me&my_dad_mini_album 022me&my_dad_mini_album 025me&my_dad_mini_album 029

and they each drew a picture of them + dad":


me&my_dad_mini_album 024


me&my_dad_mini_album 028


me&my_dad_mini_album 033

some other fun examples:

me&my_dad_mini_album 023me&my_dad_mini_album 030

this was so sweet!!  I wrote what peyton told me to, she can handle her name ^^^ (see above) but the journaling needed a little help.  so just in case you cannot read the following:

“dad, I am thankful for so many things you do for me…  here are just a few:

he makes me lunch, he lets me visit him at work, dad took us to Disneyland and Lake Powell too.  I am thankful that he plays with me.  he does the “bed bounce”.  I am thankful that he goes to my primary class with me so I won’t be so sad.”

me&my_dad_mini_album 034

this one makes me giggle…

me&my_dad_mini_album 027

here’s the inside of the back cover:

me&my_dad_mini_album 035

and the very back:

me&my_dad_mini_album 039

I think he just might love it.  maybe not as much as I do, because I am kind of obsessed, but he’ll love it for sure!

so my very best friends for this project were:

paper trimmer, scissors, hole punch, crop-o-dile corner chomper (1/2 inch rounder), xyron sticker maker, paper piercer, needle, floss, twill ribbon, ric-rac, baker’s twine, small sharpie, 2 one inch book rings, stapler, and these digital supplies:

splendid fiins “foto frame” for the frames on the photos.

all echo park papers:


red + small white polkas

white + red polkas

turquoise + small polkas

larger turquoise polkas

red herringbone

turquoise squigglies

light turquoise pattern


kristen*morgan*kate said...

SO cute and so funny!! I about died at "what my Dad doesn't like". What cute girls, I miss them too much!

mandi said...


Monica Lifferth said...

Oh my goodness!!! How perfect. I'm obsessed too. Love it Mindy!

summer c said...

Mindy! This is so super cute!!!! YAY! My fingers are itching now :)

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

This is such a sweet idea! Love it! And I caught up on all the posts I missed whilst on my mini vacation. :)

Unknown said...

Is there anything that Mindy Pitcher cannot do?? Seriously Mind!!! You are wonder woman. This is stinkin' cute.