Tuesday, October 2, 2012

playing catch-up is a great form of exercise.

so merrill is home.


he has been home for a week, but I have been too busy enjoying his presence that I have not mentioned it.

we have already enjoyed our first halibut dinner.  delicious.

we were also thrust back into real life (i.e. work and the daily routine) rather quickly.

so while trying to be creative, take pictures, mother, cook, clean, organize (because fall puts me in the mood to de-clutter and visit the d.i.), prep. for a certain 8 year-old to be birthday+baptism, soccer, tumbling, and getting a new hotel ready to open, I have managed to have some fun.

I had an especially fun night last night while I cleaned-up the old hard drive on my computer.  organizing the c drive and the external hard drive seriously define what fun is to me.  I am a geek.  I did a little happy dance when I found a long lost (think almost 8 years long) video.  I also did another happy dance when I freed up about 100 gb on my c drive.

I have many projects to document, I allowed only a week of the two merrill was gone, to be depressed, then I got crafty.  they are quite cute, if I do say so myself.

so, you can sit back and be patient, enjoy these here posts as they come.

here’s the scrapbook layouts I got done in september:

(click on the image for the list of products and junk.)


I wanted to do a quick layout of all the snippets of memories from this year’s trip to lake powell, and that is what the journaling of this layout consists of, those little bits.

my favorite memories:

- merrill surprising me with a playlist for the drive that had old, sentimental songs on it.

- ashley jumping off the top of the houseboat!!!  (she is my dare-devil daughter.)

- staying in reflection canyon.  (gorgeous.)


here’s a layout featuring a quote that I have used before, and HAD to use again.  the picture told me to do it.


and, well, I will NEVER get tired of pictures of my girlies reading.


ash was so excited to start moby dick.



Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

as usual, your pages are adorable. I really need to get back on mine. And my husband would appreciate all your computer-ness. I let him clean up my computer..

mandi said...

Love them. And you've inspired me. I cleaned up my desktop. I think I save everything to my desktop and then it looks like an explosion every time I wake up the computer. I don't know if I'll ever get around to cleaning up drives though. Ambitious.