Thursday, November 8, 2012

because I am just mean, but have a terrific sense of humor.

peyton now fits into the size 5 hand-me-downs.


really, for the most part the 4s were alright, minus the fact that her sleeves were too short, and her little tummy was peeking out a bit, or that one other fact that she looked like she was waiting for a flood all. the. time.

yeah, it was time to bump her up.  she is a lot like lynnie-lou in this area.  makes me wonder if peyton will be skinny and leggy as she gets older.

so we went through 3 tubs of size 5 stuff.  3 tubs is a lot.  thankfully, one whole tub is still packed away, awaiting warmer weather, and some things that are in exceptional condition are being held back as school clothes.  she will start kindergarten next august after all.

(double gasp!!)

among the longer pants, better-fitting shirts, crazy amount of swimsuits, and this awesome coat I forgot that I scored at old navy for $2.99 (!!!), there were these pajamas.

november 006_ed

clearly, peyton loves them, and as she was prancing around the kitchen the other morning in this number, a hilarious idea struck me:

post a picture of her wearing them on facebook, and let the good times roll.

so, I did.

it was hilarious indeed.

the congratulations immediately started rolling in, people who know us well accompanied their congrats with shock.  I couldn’t stop laughing!  every “like” and comment just incited another fit of giggles.

I called merrill to let him know what was up, just in case he started getting congratulations of his own.  I wasn’t sure how long I was going to let it go on.  then I called my best friend who is anti facebook for good reason, and maybe if I were as good as her about not going there, I wouldn’t feel annoyed/enraged/the need to throw up/homicidal so much everyday.  she is as good at not going on facebook as I am at the whole not yelling thing.

side note:  I have a rule about the facebook.  I do not post anything unless it fits one of the following criteria: 1) it has to be terribly important.  b)  it has to be funny.  III)  it has to be exceptionally cute.  I will not bother others with updates on what I am doing/thinking/eating every changing minute.

so since this fit two of those three criteria, it was perfect.

julie and I had a good laugh, and I dare say, she didn’t regret going on the facebook that day.

as we were talking, a man in our neighborhood figured it out.

“Wait....your youngest is now old enough to wear her big sisters PJ's?”

see.  nailed it.  he even said just that a few comments later, after I confirmed his first comment with a “like”.

but what is funnier is that other people didn’t read his comments or other’s comments, and kept on congratulating. 

after all was said and done, those who figured it out AFTER their congratulations were given, didn’t like me so much.  rude, jerk, suck, and mean, are all words that were thrown at me.  it was kind of mean of me.  but it was funny.

for the record, if I were to get knocked-up, again, I would be more than happy, but merrill would have blood-shot eyes, and his hair would no longer exist in his head, but would most likely be pulled-out, in his hands.  he is done.


I did manage to give us a small chance (infinitesimal really), to have another one. 

my own personal pundit was so sure that obama would win re-election, and I hoped that that wouldn’t happen.

(sorry to get political on you, it won’t be for long, promise.)

so I proposed a bet of sorts.  if romney won, we would have another baby.  guess what he said to that?


holy crap, he was confident.

but I hoped.

so the bottom line is, peyton is really enjoying her hand-me-downs.


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

oh that is such a good joke! I didn't bother reading any of the comments, just saw the picture! Facebook is a funny place sometimes, indeed my friend. In my defense, she is pointing to the words, big sister. :) LOL.

Jocelyn said...

That is so hilarious...I'm sad I missed seeing that post. Doggone FB for hiding the fun from me!!! I cannot believe how big your little girlie least big to me from when I started reading your blog:-)

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing the laughs with me. It adds a smile to my face every time I think about it!

Michelle said...

In my defense... I read the comments prior and still liked the photo on fb, because I thought it was hilarious :)

BookwormMom said...

Apparently, I totally missed the joke...I only get on Facebook on my phone, and I saw the pic, but only noticed the word big...and I thought you were pointing out how old she is getting...