Monday, November 12, 2012

falling for you.

so let me tell you about this dream I have always had.

(okay, not “always” but for a long time.)

ever since I learned to understand and appreciate drop shadows as a key element in my digital scrapbook pages (because a shadow it totally an element), I have desired a tool that would enable me to grunge up papers and frames, other accents of my choosing.  sometimes that super cute clean frame, just doesn’t fit on my grungy page.  or maybe it is a super cute clean page that just needs a touch of grunge?

do you follow me, please say you do.

liv has made all my dreams come true.

(she is amazing like that.)

she has created a tool perfectly named “creasers”.  and it gets better than that.  it’s “creasers: volume 1”.  guess what that little tidbit tells me?  there are bound to be more!!!

(more = awesome)


these are overlays that you can clip to different elements to have them appear to be creased.  I have played with these (so fun!!), adjusted the opacity, the blending mode, and I have even duplicated the creaser layer to give it more depth.

creasers_mindypitcher copy

love these.

you will too!!

they are new in the store today.  go snatch them asap!

(click on the layout for full list of credits.)


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Missy said...

Ok, some day I will meet you and make you teach me to digital scrap. Yes. But, not in a creepy way. I'll make you peanut butter bars and bring cans of spray paint as payment...