Wednesday, November 14, 2012

beebe family

ryker and drake are like my nephews at this point.  I think their family are my best customers!!

my friend, and their momma, tracked down this awesome orchard in fruit heights.  the owner is a generous, kind man, who lets photographers use his orchard at no cost, anytime.  all he asks is that we don’t hurt his trees.  what a kind man!!  you don’t find many people who just let you use their property these days.  where we entered his property, there isn’t even a gate, just a sign posted, telling us the rules.  at other access points to the orchard, there are gates, but get this, no locks on them.  amazing. 

sadly, he does warn that if people continue to break these rules, he will have to close it.  so sad that some people cannot show their thanks in appropriate ways.

it was a gorgeous place, wish we would have been there at a better time for lighting.

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Missy said...

That is a truly gorgeous orchard! Great pics!