Friday, April 18, 2008

Can anything else break?!?

Yesterday was... interesting... I had the impulse to go to the mall... my crafts are not done.

I did buy some things I have been needing for a while now. New under-tanks, some new tops, (I don't have enough for warm weather that cover these nursing G's and that are nice enough for church...) and some tees for the girls to help me finish a project that I started a month ago, and the most exciting: NEW SHOES!

My old Candies... I had to throw them out. They don't look good enough for Sundays and they are falling apart... I found these a couple of weeks ago, couldn't stop thinking about them, went to get them... 40% off!!! Glad I waited!

Peyton did two major barfs yesterday... that Rota-Teq is vicious... hopefully it will all be worth it in the end... one of those barfs was in American Eagle. I am so glad I am prepared with a fully stocked diaper bag... new outfit, clean blanket, etc... But those barfs = laundry. When I got home, the washing machine wouldn't work. Not good. I troubleshot it, nothing helped. It wouldn't fill, well at least for a new cycle. It would fill just fine if I started it mid cycle. Weird.

Got dinner done, would worry about the washer later. Brooke called, and then my cell phone rang, it was Mer. He was wondering why we had a busy signal on the land-line if we have call waiting... another thing broken??? I try to call on my cell and I hear the call-waiting beep. Brooke figures it out, they must have called at the exact same time...

Eat dindin, feed kitty, kinda, he really wasn't into eating when I tried. Come home, call dad to have him troubleshoot it before I call GE for another service call... he has me try clicking the start knob in and out a bunch of times fast. It worked!!! It is apparently a connection problem.

But then FireFox is being weird... fix the washer and now the computer is fussy, and so was Peyton... those shots. That's why no post last night!!! But I did squeeze in a Root Beer Float!

Here I am today, trying to play catch up for everything I want to do and have to do... hopefully I can post some finished crafts and a newly cleaned and organized craft room by the end of the day! Peyton is sleeping so why shouldn't I be able to? And the girls are playing outside... love the slightly warmer weather...


Ally0005 said...

Don't you just love it when things break. You kow they come in three's. Oh, maybe I shouldn't tell you that.

Brooke said...

cute shoes!

Ashley and Devan said...

Hmmm.. seem's like everything broke all at once. Isn't it always that way! At least you found cute shoes!