Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's OVER!!!

My most dreaded day is finally over and done!
Peyton didn't get in very solid naps, never more than one hour at a time... but she didn't want to eat when I couldn't give it to her! That was my main worry.
Lynn came home from church, found a good Shel Silverstein read, kicked-back and relaxed.
She is getting so big...
Today, while we were making some M&M cookie bars, we listened to the Eagles. The Christmas song they sing came on, and Mer said "Lynn, you should recognize this song... Where's it from?"
Then Lynn said something that sounded too mature for my little five year old... "I'm not familiar with it..." Where did she get that? I only wish that you could have seen the look on her face when she said it... that kid...
Went out to mom and dad's for a visit. Got to see Grandpa too. He was in heaven holding Peyton. Since mom took him to the Doc. and they cleaned-out his ears, he can hear much better. He was so cute!
He didn't want to leave, and left at the last possible minute, like when it was getting dark. Mom says she thinks he waits until he thinks it's late enough for him to go to bed so he won't have to be alone and awake for too long.
Mom got to talk to me a little more about the little things that have been happening. One of the sweetest things that I heard her tell me, was when the mortuary came to get Grandma after she passed. The guys asked Grandpa how long they had been married, he answered, "67 years, and we were just getting started."
It breaks my heart to think of him being all alone now. I just pray that he won't be so lonely.


Brooke said...

your grandpa is sweet... i should pretend he is my grandpa and go visit him when you go. (since I never get to see mine)

Dani and Tom said...

"67 years and just getting started.." that is the sweetest comment I have ever heard, I hope Tom and I have a love like that.