Saturday, April 12, 2008

I really did have plans today...

Yesterday, after I posted, I found out that s.i.l., Kaitlyn made Lakette! Congratulations Katie!!!!
Next week, Mikell tries out for Cheerleader... Good Luck Kitty-Cat!!!
So today... I really did have plans, but sometimes things just don't go as planned. I had errands to run, a baptism to get ready for, a sharing time to prepare, and an meeting to gather information for, the meeting is tomorrow... and now I just realized that I forgot to call Jen...
So, I got a shower, to everyone else's pleasure so I wouldn't smell :)... I got to the baptism. I got some laundry done. Only one errand run. Checked on a friend's cats (they are great by the way...). My sharing time is in my head, I have to make sure that I have everything ready for it. The info... I'll do that too.
Lynn almost fell off the bed today. Fell off with excitement, that is.
Every day we have to do the daily run-down, the events that are to take place that day. I told the girls that dad was going to take them down to the store to play while I went to the baptism. Pey got to hang out with me... Lynn complained that that would be "weeks away", what would they do until then?
Me- "I thought you guys could get ready and go play outside, you know, in your playhouse, jump on the trampoline..."
Lynn- "But there is snow on the ground out there. We can't play."
Me- "The snow is all gone."
Lynn- An excited look on her face which quickly vanishes, "Then it will be too cold."
Me- "Nope... It's supposed to be really warm today. If you want a jacket..."
Lynn- Excited look reappears, she almost falls backwards off the bed, until she catches the covers.
Let's just say she was excited.
I made them so me little lunches in lunch sacks to have a picnic outside. It was a good day.
Ash is still so concerned about Grandma. She thinks that some one will take her. We are going to go and check on her tomorrow, and Grandpa too.
Mom asked me what sentimental thing I would like to have of Grandma's... all I could think of was a crochet hook, after all, that is how I learned! She said there were plenty of those and some knitting needles. I will gladly take a pair of those too. She asked if there was anything else that I could think of. Right off the top of my head, nothing. Except for the bread box... but that is really Grandpa's too. I told her. She said that it just sits in the sewing room, Grandpa wouldn't mind if I had it. I am so excited! That's where they used to keep candy for us grand kids, instead of bread. One of those memories...
Now I get to go and get all of that stuff ready... I am not looking forward to tomorrow... My first Sunday doing sharing time since I've had Peyton. I also have a correlation meeting, need to come home and feed the fam, finish getting them ready, get to church early, set-up sharing time, and make sure, somehow, that Peyton will be settled until I have a break when I can actually nurse her... and Christie is gone. I shouldn't feel this way about Sunday, stress is no good. The only positive so far, is that it is Fast Sunday... well, and Lake Powell is on for September!!! WooHoo!

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