Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashback Friday...

This is Merrill and Lynn (she was such a chunker...) five years ago... summer of 2003.
We had just had the deck covered with "outdoor carpet"... I prefer to call it astro turf... I didn't like the idea, but it was a quick fix. You see, the person who previously lived in our home before they were foreclosed upon, thought the solution to knots falling out of the deck wood, was to nail soup can lids over the created holes.... we also found one nailed on one side and screwed on the other in the sub floor of our hallway when we were replacing flooring... yeah, he was kind of a moron. We discovered the rusty toe slicers nailed to the deck after the snow melted (we bought our house in February 2001 during a very snowy winter..) We really didn't use the deck much, didn't have a need... didn't have kids, and didn't have friends to party all night with , so we didn't worry about it. Until this particular summer... we wanted to sell the house. Quick fix! Just cover the problem area like a band aid! A big green band aid...Then the romance (not really even a friendship for me), quickly faded as the sun rotted our "outdoor carpet" (astro turf), which we found out later was a low quality carpet... hence why it powder-ized so quickly, not to mention how well our neighbor's pine tree needles love to stick up in the nap oh so dangerously, lying in wait for one of our bare feet to impale itself on the little bugger... oh, and pine tree sap stuck it was lovely too...
Here we are now... 2008.
Here's the "outdoor carpet" (astro turf).
Good Bye!!!

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Rachael said...

Hey, that sounds fantastic! Maybe I should find out the guys name and ask him to cover the holes in our deck.