Monday, August 11, 2008

Monkey Bars...

So, as if Peyton growing wasn't enough, Lynn has decided to sprout up and master some "big kid" stuff...
She mastered the monkey bars today at the park!
Emilee and I were sitting, having a much needed, too long put-off, visit, and there goes Lynn.. made my eyes sting a bit.
I can't believe that she'll be in Kindergarten in just a couple of short weeks! Where's my chubby little sumo baby? She is far too smart for us now, Merrill keeps asking her to assure him that someday she'll take care of him. Nothing gets past her.
Her prayers are said so sincerely, she prays for EVERYTHING...
One night, she and I were having prayers (Ash was being a nutzo in their room, Mer was gone with the boys..) and Lynn's turn was first. She seriously prays over everything. You know that scripture, I think it's in Alma... that says to "cry over everything" (yes Kathy Jayne, you do that well;)..) well, Lynn does it. She prays for everyone she knows, she prays that she'll get baptized, she prays to get married in the temple, she prays to feel the spirit, she prays for who is sick, and if she knows of anybody, she prays for them by name... she prays for Grandma, that she'll be resurrected, she prays for the missionaries, she prays that everyone will be nice and listen to the missionaries... she prays for our house, the hotel, the butterflies... see where I am going with the "EVERYTHING" factor? Well, that night, after praying for EVERYTHING... she stopped, took a little pause, and then said, "Heavenly Father, just bless everything else that I am thinkin' about right now." So then I taught her how He understands our intent, He knows what is important to us, it makes Him feel good when we voice it. She's so darn cute!
She wasn't the only one to master a skill at the park today... Ash managed to make her voice carry for who knows how far, when she was protesting every one's help but mine... and Peyton was trying to consume all green vegetation, single-handedly. She really got going on a blade of grass, and those suckers are hard to get out of her little mouth!
And darn it all to heck... I forgot my camera!

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