Thursday, August 14, 2008

When does school start?

I never thought I would be so over my anxiety of having the girls "growing up"... when will they be gone, for just a little while, so I can get a break?
They are fighting with each other like they are caged animals in the zoo! Why are they like this when they have full run of the house, a yard to wrestle in, a trampoline to jump on, and a playhouse to go pretend together? I should give up wearing normal clothing, and get my umpire shirt.
This isn't the only crazy/mental behavior going on around here.
There are disagreements over the dumbest, most obvious things...
Perfect example:
Time: Lunch, today.
Arguers: Me, Ashley.
Object of argument: a grilled cheese sandwich.
Me: "What do you girls want for lunch today?" see, I'm nice.. I let them choose...
Ash: "A grilled cheese sandwich cut up in triangles and a banana."
Me: "Okay." Lynn wanted nachos...
Now here's an aside... what exactly makes up a grilled cheese sandwich?
bread (2 slices)
and a means whereby to grill the sandwich
I put the cheese between the two slices of bread, buttered the outsides of both slices, heated up the pan, slapped the thing in there, cooked one side, then flipped it to cook the other. I let it cool, then cut it into the four triangles previously requested. Stuck it on a plate, set it on the table, rang the dinner (lunch) bell. The girls know, we pray first, then we can ask for drinks, etc.
Immediately following the prayer, Ash goes ballistic.
"I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich!" she pushes her plate away from her.
Me: "That is a grilled cheese sandwich." I push it back towards her.
Ash: "No it isn't." pushes it away again.
Me: "Then what is it?"
Ash: "It is a cooked grilled cheese sandwich."
Me: "Ummm... you go have to cook a sandwich in order to grill it..." I push it back in front of her. "Eat. It is what you asked for."
Ash: "No. I wanted an uncooked grilled cheese sandwich!"
Me: "Then that would have been just a cheese sandwich. You didn't ask for that. You asked for a grilled cheese sandwich."
Ash: "I don't want this!" she screams at me and then she shoves the plate away again.
Me: "You can go to your room or you can sit down and eat."
Ash: "FINE!" have I mentioned before about the hormones?
She is gone just a couple of minutes and returns, much more humble, pulls out her chair and sits down.
Ash: "Maybe next time, I will remember to ask for just a cheese sandwich that isn't cooked."
I think she got it.


Brooke said...

oh that ash... without her you would have all these funny things to blog about!

Jenny said...

I think I am reading my life right now! My kids are the same way...all three of them! I can't please anyone, can't keep anyone's tummies full, can't keep anything clean for five seconds, and can't keep anyone from fighting for more than a few minutes. Oh please, I love having them home, but I am so ready for a little break!

Six-Pack Momma said...

I hear ya sista! When's the next GNO?

Ally0005 said...

Oh that is so Alana. When school starts is does get a little better. Until everyone is home again.