Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family re-union-ing.

This weekend, the girls and I went to a family reunion.  I think I was the most excited of the group…  the drive up to Logan is a pretty one, and I was excitedly anticipating seeing cousins both close and distant.

I loved the familiar drive, pointing out spots to the girls that I remembered in our family drives when I was growing up, attending similar get-togethers.

As we neared Logan, the tears started.  They would well-up in my eyes as I told them the few stories I knew of how both sides of our family started there.

That was where my maternal grandma and grandpa met.

It is also where Merrill’s paternal grandma and grandpa met.

As we neared the park where everyone was meeting, a heavy feeling set in.  I knew that Grandma was there.

The feeling only intensified as we walked to the gathering, looked at old photos and scrapbooks, mingled with our family, and visited with my Grandma’s siblings.  She most undoubtedly was there. 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it.  I loved feeling her presence and the presence of her parents as well, but I had to hide, preferably behind my camera so I could stay composed.

(It is a great thing to hide behind..)

It was a great day.

I also got some great pictures…

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Sunshine and Lazy days said...

our loved ones are never far from us! Beautiful pictures too! :)

Janet said...

Great post Minder, I love it.

Sheri Wadman said...

We used to family-reunion in Logan too. I LOVE those pictures of your girls!

anniebobannie said...

Love those reminders that our loved ones are near. Tender Mercies for sure!!! And I am lame and found your pan I took all the way on our trip so I didn't forget to give it to you!!! Anyway, miss you, love you, can't wait to go play again!

Bonnie said...

So great to hear your experience with the reunion. I was all over going, and then the travel just seemed overwhelming and chasing D around like I do. Ryan was at Youth Confrence that morning and afternoon (they ended at the zoo) so I would have been solo. Feel bad that I couldn't make it, esp after reading your beautiful post. I have no doubt that Grandma was so very close. Hopefully there will be one next year. The Gunnel reunion they had at Cherry Hill is one of my fondest childhood memories! BTW your hair is so long and pretty from Rick's pics!

Freedom said...

*Tears* was a good day. Definitely felt grandma there. She would have been so happy to see all the family together. Love ya cous. Great pics! :)