Friday, July 23, 2010

A re-run.

There are lessons that seem to repeat themselves in our lives as often as old M*A*S*H re-runs.

Faith and Prayer seem to be the top two being repeated lately.

We have a key to our house, hidden, just in case.

No, it is not in a fake rock.

(So don’t bother looking in our hundreds of rocks for “the one”.  It doesn’t exist.)

It is in a place where we can get it when we need it. 

Sadly enough, Peyton could too.

Last week, while fixing sprinkler heads, she found it (again) and was playing with it.  She went with the girls up and down the sidewalk on her trike and the scooter (both of which have nifty places for holding small things) and was in and out of the garage and back yard by the time I realized she had it.  I asked her to put it away, and she ran into the garage.  Being the best listener of the house on most days, I assumed she was doing just as I had asked her to, and was putting it away.

She didn’t.

As the sun set, and we began cleaning up to come in for the night, I looked in that secret (or not so secret) spot, and there was no key.  The search began.

Everyone was involved in finding this small, silver key that was whisked away by a very adventurous two-year old.

It kept getting darker, and the key wasn’t found.

Knowing that Merrill (who hasn’t had adequate sleep for who knows how long..) wouldn’t be able to sleep with the key on the loose for just anyone to come across, I took the girls in to get ready for bed and to have a prayer.  I asked our Heavenly Father to help us find that key tonight.  That if we didn’t find it, then someone who would not desire to cause our family harm would.

After I ended my prayer, Lynn told me that she had said a prayer too.

We ran over all the places we had looked and it came back to the back yard.  Merrill went out again, and came right back in with key in hand.

Relief was evident in the atmosphere of our home.

He told me, as the girls were sleeping, and we were getting ready for bed, that he had been taught yet another lesson by our sweet Lynn.

“She told me that she said a prayer that we would find it tonight.  I thought, ‘Yeah right.’  It just kept getting darker and who knows where Pey put it..  I thought for sure she had dropped it in the grass somewhere..  and then we find it.  Her faith amazes me.”

It does me too.

It also assures me that we are doing something right.

It also reminds me that I put far too many of what seems like “little” daily decisions into my own hands when they really belong in the hands of someone who knows much better than I.  Sometimes I think that I shouldn’t bother Him with my “problems” when there are so many others with much more to worry about, who need help in this world.  But the fact of the matter is that He is there, waiting, wanting to help us with everything and anything.  He loves us.  He is just waiting for us to ask.

Her faith and trust are another lesson that I need, to let go, not worry and let Him take care of it, just like He promised He would.  Because He does.


Ally's Corner said...

What a great story! Oh another daddy that is a finder. Phil is the one that finds things in our house. We all could look everywhere and never find what we are looking for.

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

thank you for this reminder! :)

Julie said...

Oh, to have the faith of a small child. Lynn is such a great girl. Thanks for sharing this story.

Bon said...

So great to see you at work teaching your girls. What a sweet story!

Dani said...

Awesome, from the mouths of babes, right?

Jocelyn said...

Isn't it amazing what our kids soak up? You are definitely training them well. Love this post!!!!