Thursday, July 22, 2010

Literally Lynnie.


A little over a week ago, we (the girls and myself) took a little trip to a new to us fabric shop to buy darling fabric for baby quilts.  My aunt, who has only sons, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first two grandbabies, one boy and one girl, just weeks apart (her daughters-in-law’s tummies are too adorable!!) coming this fall.  So we had a legitimate excuse…

We were joined by my aunt, Peg, my mom (aka “Grammy”), my SIL Randee and her two munchkins. 

We are one fun group!

After spending a lot of time (and money) at the fabric store, we headed out to find lunch.

(I also had a blonde moment, but that will have to wait for a more appropriate post, with other recent blonde moments of mine..  by the way, are you enjoying how I am skipping all over in this blog post?  Do you feel like you are getting exercise or something?  I sure do.  Maybe I just have ADD.)

We wanted something fast, but not McDonalds.  (Oh no…  NOT McDonalds.)  We ended-up at a Wendy’s (strawberry frosty shake anyone?  Yum…)  where all were made happy.

But no one was quite as happy as Lynnie was with the prize in her kids meal. 

Joke cards.

Joke cards and funny glasses complete with an oversized nose and an attached, equally as large, plastic mustache.

The jokes really were cute the first, oh, I don’t know, two maybe three times around.  She would read them slowly, sounding out every word in her best almost second grade reading pace.  We would take our best guess as to the answer to each riddle, and then hear the correct answer, read in that same almost second grade reading pace.  We would usually laugh at the answer, and occasionally she would giggle.  It seemed as though she were still thinking about each one, the comprehension coming a little slower for her than for us.

Soon we found out why there was the delay in her laughter, sometimes the cause for no laughter at all.

She would take each joke literally.

She would break down and analyze each joke, telling us why it is funny.


“What did the chicken say when she laid a square egg?”

(The best answer, by the way came from Ashley, which was “What the heck?!  BAWKKK!”)

When all possible answers were tossed out there, Lynn would give us the answer.

“Ouch…  get it?  It would hurt because a square has pointy corners and it would hurt coming out.  Yeah, ouch.”

No laughter, just her literal break-down of the joke.

I am not sure how many joke cards came in her little kids meal, but I will tell you that I am sure I wasn’t broken hearted when she couldn’t locate them the next day.



anniebobannie said...

She is so funny! You should get that book Chocolate Mousse for Dinner for her! She will love it!

Brooke said...

wendy's has the worst toys in their kid meals... evan got these glasses too... he loves them...

BookwormMom said...

Maybe it's the year they were born...Alec is the most literal child I have ever met!