Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You can’t beat a long weekend.

This weekend, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

(We are very thorough people, especially when it comes to our fun.)

We spent Saturday evening, swimming and bribing the girls to re-discover their excitement for diving and going down the slide into the pool.  Lynn was the only brave one, but somehow we were all rewarded with ice cream treats from Arctic Circle.

2010-07-06 july

Sunday, we went to my parents house where we cooked giant marshmallows (very delicious by the way..  I should know, I think I ate the most.) and cooked hot dogs.  The kids played, we visited, and then enjoyed quite the fireworks display.

2010-07-06 july1

Monday, we spent the day at Merrill’s parents.  We were in the pool for nearly a solid 5 hours.  It was awesome.

2010-07-06 july2

Ashley has quite the tan (she is my girl!!!) and cute little blonde streaks in her hair (see, MINE!!).  We ate, swam, ate, played, dove, went down the slide, played sharks with Dixon, raced (I lost by a body length to Merrill EVERY time), went after the dive toys..   see, too much fun.  We came home and changed to head over to Brooke and Austin’s to play volleyball and watch more fireworks.

It was quite the full weekend, and we loved every second of it!


Jocelyn said...

So glad you guys had such a fun weekend:-) ok, i absolutely LOVE the pic of one of your girls doing a sparkler from behind!!!!(in the 3rd collage) Way cool shot!!! I am impressed!!!!

Ally's Corner said...

What fun!!! Love how you did your pictures!

Platt Family said...

Your pictures are so pretty! Your camera is awesome! What a fun 4th, your kids look so happy!

Jenny said...

Oh what a fun weekend! I love it!