Monday, December 6, 2010

A lesson taken to heart.

I am not going to lie, last week was CRAZY!!  It seemed like we were hopping from one thing to another, add to that how emotional I was (over just about everything and anything, the smallest stuff would have me in tears), and the fact that we started the last month of the year (seriously, where did this year go?!), and it was nutso…

I finished off my month of gratitude with the intentions not to let that go, but at the end of the day, just about every day, I thought, “I will post that tomorrow.”  But when the tomorrows came, the craziness resumed.  Where was the time?

I do have to say what I am thankful for from the craziness of the last week.

-I am thankful for such a loving, supportive husband, who knows what I need better than I do most of the time.  He took care of the girls every night from Wednesday to Friday.  A lot of people would say, “Well, he is their dad, so…” but really, for me to have been gone or busy doing something (like having a meeting at our house), and to have him have fun with them, it was a huge relief to me.  I just wished I could have been having fun with them!  He took the day off Thursday and went to school with Ash, and from what I hear, they had a blast in class.  I was feeling bad for not spending much time with him, feeling like he was feeling neglected, add to that the “emotional” factor I was dealing with, and I was ready to call off a lunch/shopping date with a friend.  He told me, “No.  You better go.  I am taking the girls to McDonalds.  We are going to have fun, you better too.”  What a great guy!  I am glad that I went, I really needed it.  (LOVE YOU MER!)

-I was so thankful to be able to look back and reflect on each day at the end of it, and see all that had been accomplished.  Most days I had wished that I had had more time, but in the end, I was satisfied and able to sleep comfortably.  There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a full day.

-I am so thankful for our family traditions and activities this time of the year.  I am so happy that the girls remember and look forward to each and every one.  We went to the Festival of the Trees last week, and had so much fun!  I am thankful for these events that are fun, but remind us of the giving part of the season. 

-I recently made a goal to read the Book of Mormon (even though I was pretty far in it anyway) before the end of the month.  That is 18 pages a day!  It has been such a blessing to sit each day and read, mark, really study those 18 pages (sometimes more, I can’t stop sometimes!).  It helped me put life into perspective, and everyday, there were things in there that I needed to read.

-I am thankful for the kind phone calls, and messages from friends and family who know I have  been going through my own little “down”.  To know that they care, to hear their expressions of love and support are such a blessing!  I am thankful to know that I am surrounded by such great people.

I know that my week could have been even better (and maybe a little less emotional) had I kept up on my gratitudes, actually listing them at the end of every day.  I love how it helps me to readjust my focus at the end of the day, start the next one off even better.


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I'm sorry you had a rough week! I hope the pj's weren't a huge part of that of week! And I think you have shown, that when we look for the good in our lives, when we keep up with our spiritual needs, then life seems to have a way of balancing out! I hope this week is full of joy and not stressful!

anniebobannie said...

I am sorry you were having a bad week! If you ever need to talk, you can call me and I am here for you! I love you!!! Hope this week is better!

Jamie Lynn said...

Hi Mindy! You don't know me, but I just happened upon your blog the other day and fell in love! I made a personal goal (after seeing your faithful posting) to get back to what I love....posting my "journal" blog for my family. I have also had a very emotional couple of CRAZY months and although I hate to hear that anyone else is going through the same thing, it is heartwarming to know that we are all kind of in this "together". That is the GREAT thing about the church, I feel a "kinship" with women everywhere! I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough week, but know that there are others out there that look up to all your adorable CRAFTINESS! PS, hope you don't mind that I commented on a personal post, just wanted to say hi! ;)

Julie said...

You're right, Merrill is a pretty great guy. Glad the hectic week is over and I hope this one is (at least a little) less crazy. Thanks for setting a good example, even amongst all the craziness. Love ya, Min!

mandi said...

This is so great! So great that he could do that for you. My hubs is working serious overtime + is swamped. I could really use him as a buffer. AND... you're right. I need to read my scriptures. That would make all the difference [and as I typed that line I remembered that I'm teaching in RS on Sunday. Good thing to remember].