Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peyton’s new skills.

Peyton is advancing quickly in the life of toddler-hood.

Okay, it really isn’t fast.  I remember the other girls doing some things far earlier than Peyton, and I have silently been rejoicing. 

We haven’t had to lock doors, because she hasn’t even tried to open them.  Now, I have to lock them. 

One day, I discovered her eating dark chocolate orange sticks (my muse this time of the year), and I wondered how she got them, they were shut up in my craft room.  When I asked her where she found them, she said, “Come here, I will show you!”  She then led me to my craft room, opened the door, and..  well, you can guess the rest.

A similar event took place involving my lipsticks, that are high on a shelf in my closet.  Peyton emerged from her room with some freshly applied on her face, and the source hidden under her pillow (because I NEVER look there..).  I was positive that an older, similarly make-up obsessed sister had gotten into them, and left them for the littlest to get into as well.  I ranted and railed only to have the accused tell me in the most sincere, pain-stricken, innocent voice, that she didn’t do it.

“Yeah right”, I thought.

I felt awful when I later caught Peyton scaling the shelves in my side of the closet going after more lipstick and perfume.

The apology to the wrongfully accused party was a hard one, but at least Peyton's newly acquired scent made it somewhat bearable.

So we’ve been not only shutting doors, but locking the doors too.

She also recently (by a bad example) has learned that if you climb on the countertop, you have gained access to all sorts of fun things in the upper cupboards.

I had to lecture Ashley last week about the risk of overdosing on vitamins (they are just gummy  ones, probably harmless, but I don’t want them to have them like they are fruit snacks!).  If the girls show an increased amount of love to their uncle Ken, it is only because of that lecture… and because he’s a pretty good guy.

Today, I could hear Peyton up in the cupboards.  Figuring she was after the princess PEZ dispensers, I took my time getting to her. 

I wasn’t fast enough.  She got into MY vitamins.  She now understands why I have to swallow mine whole, and don’t get to chew them up and savor them the way she can hers.

I hope that vomiting a vitamin B12, has impressed a very important lesson in her little mind..

I am thankful that Merrill brings home all of the cleaning products that vendors leave for him to “try out”.  I was able to get the fluorescent yellow vitamin leavings out of the carpet like it was no big deal.

Seriously, do you take B12?  When you go pee, it’s like you swallowed a yellow highlighter!  SO thankful for that carpet cleaner…


anniebobannie said...

Laughing!!! I take the liquid vitiman b12 and it is red and has no impact on my pee.

Six-Pack Momma said...

I'm glad she's OK! Good thing it wasn't iron. I'm no doctor (but I learn a lot from my mom...) the yellow highlighter effect may mean your body is not absorbing it as well as it should- be it Vitamin C, Betacarotene, or B12. Sometimes your body needs a different form of it (like the liquid your friend mentioned.) Also, taking vitamin C at the same time as B12 can destroy the B12. Try taking them an hour apart.

Ally's Corner said...

I take B12 I will look next time.
I'm so happy you share your life on your blog.

Jocelyn said...

LOL right now! Vitamins have the same effect on me! Your little one sounds like quite the cute handful;-)