Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lynn's Baptism.

Yesterday was such a great day for our little family.  Lynn was baptized and confirmed a member of the church.  Merrill did such a great job with both the baptism and the confirmation.  It was amazing to see Lynn walk down into the font with such confidence, to do just as we talked about with her.  Merrill said the prayer, and Lynn remembered just how we told her to sit and let him lay her back into the water.  I couldn't help but cry, joyfully, as I watched her go down into the water, and come back up with such a happy look on her face.  She was cold, but she was so happy!  We spent time, just she and I, while I dried her hair, and we got her dressed.  I have seen a change in her throughout this past year.  There really is something to that great number of eight.  She really does understand so much about this commitment she has made, and I know there is so much more that she will come to learn and understand.  It is quite a responsibility on my shoulders, as her mom, but it is such a great time for us.
While confirming her, Merrill blessed her that she would be worthy of all the blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for her.  I loved watching as she gave everyone there in her confirmation circle a hug.  There were some missing from that circle, some that she wanted to be there, but she was so thankful to everyone.
We enjoyed the rest of the evening together as a family. 
I prayed that the day would go smoothly, that the spirit could be with us in our home, that there wouldn't be stress.  It was a simple day but it was a perfect day.


Bon said...

Congratulations Lynn! What a neat thing to see your first child baptized!

anniebobannie said...

Congrats LYNN!!! So proud of you! Glad you are back mindy!!!

Crystal said...

What a great decision Lynn. Try to always remember your big special day. You are beautiful.