Thursday, September 29, 2011


merrill hates the obviously stated.

hates it.

so being the wonderful wife that I am, I decided that it would be cute, to post something stated quite obviously, because I thought it would be cute and rather fitting.


while hunting down corbels for a project that has cost me much time, sweat, and tears, I came across these at hobby lobby.

aren’t they cute!!  they are about 2 feet long.  so fun.

I had to put the word eat above them..  had to do it.

and merrill hates it.

(maybe hate is too strong a word.)

he really dislikes the obvious stated.

“I know what to do when I see a knife and fork.”

(maybe sometime I will have to go into more of this particular conversation wherein he told me that he resents me for making him read everyday.  “you put this stuff up around the house that I have to read..  I pass it everyday, and I know what it says, but every time I pass it, I have to read it.”  see, resentment.)

oh well.  I think it’s cute.


I look forward to making the word “read” and hanging it in the reading area downstairs.

(I love my scroll saw.)

and before we leave the subject of eat..

(didn’t we, when I started talking about reading?…)

I made these.

cake truffels

found on pinterest.

they are good.  and I am talking about every step of the process, from licking out the sweetened condensed milk can, to cleaning the pan, to you know, eating them…

(I used yellow cake batter cake mix.  it is merrill’s favorite and I used it trying to coax him into liking my “eat” wall wordage.)

(hey, the tasty bribes worked with the wee ones.)

(don’t judge me.)

but I would suggest following her recipe for the glaze.

this silly woman (finger pointing at me) thought she knew better, tweaked it a bit, and well, we were left eating them like this:


with a spoon.

but they are tasty.

(and the picture isn’t as pretty as hers.)


Ally's Corner said...

Those sprinkles look just like what came with a toy we have but you can't eat ours. Once guess where they are... All over my house!!! If you want you can send that chocolate to me. I'll just lick it off the box!!!!

BookwormMom said...


You did a sweet job on the decorations as well...though for my own house, I prefer the understated to the obviously stated! :)
(tell Merrill he has 1 ally)

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

very cute sign! And those cake truffles look divine! And who cares if you have to eat them with a spoon? I bet they tasted amazing anyway! :)

Cory and Kylee said...

so cute love it!!! Yum those look yummy i love cake bites!