Monday, September 26, 2011

this one thing I really wanted to do this summer, but didn’t, so I guess, I’ll get to it now.. maybe.

one of those awesome, “make life easier changes”, streamline life, and just plain change it up, things I was going to do this last summer, and, well, never found the time (or wanted to spend it in front of the computer long enough to execute it..), was to combine the three blogs, my three loves and identities.


hasn’t happened, eh?

it is going to.

so when you stop by, you will understand why there might be scrapping one day, photography the next, a funny story or tow another, and then maybe some goodies posted for good measure.

it has been something that I have been mulling over for awhile, and it just makes sense!

(making sense and helping my mom to navigate and find the things she wants to..)

the archives will be up at those other two places for a while still, and excuse me if your google reader fills up with all the posts I will be importing here and re-tagging and sorting.

I know.

I am totally selfish.

I want my life to be easier! 

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BookwormMom said...

I totally feel the same way! It's so hard to keep up multiple blogs...