Friday, September 30, 2011

tis the end of september.

can you believe it?!

time has never passed faster, I swear. 

there are many things I either forgot to do (birthday countdown for the middle child) or thought I would somehow have more time to do.

enter creative team layouts.

my assigned designer to work with this month was jessica sprague and I felt that hybrid was only fitting to showcase her goodies.

that is an awesome idea and all, if you have a organized/functioning space in which to make said hybrid craft/layout.

so between two days of work (but a still messy craft.scrap/sewing room) I have my two layouts done.

(and more planned!)

it was quite fun to be back there with my hands doing something besides ctrl+z.

(click on the layouts for full list of credits.)

what I loved about these, was that I designed the 8x10 spaces using jessica’s photo templates.  then all I had to do was print them off on my presentation paper (I like the matte quality to it), and print off another sheet of other papers and embellishments and have fun putting it all together.

sept 004ridealongridealongpart2sept 006perfectsummerdayperfectdaypart2

I need to do more of this, more often.


mandi said...

Great idea! I've done lots of hybrid projects, but no hybrid scrapping. May just have to change that.

Bonnie said...

fabulous idea!