Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Day 2010.

I am still a little shocked, a little appalled, a little of both, that I didn’t take more pictures this Christmas…  it was nice to relax and all, not be the paparazzi Christmas morning, but I still miss the variety of pictures that I usually have.

This was the first year that the girls got us up.


7:34 am, there they were in our room, ready to go.

Every other year, it has been us, waking them up.

Great fun indeed!

Santa got his traditional sugar cookies and milk (no Reeses this year..) and an added bonus: Lynn wrote him a letter, asking some pretty specific questions…

dec&jan 270

The girls also got a little note from the big guy himself, telling them to share…

dec&jan 277


 dec&jan 275

It was a Christmas of Polly Pocket Princess style much to Merrill’s displeasure. 

(He HATES putting those little rubber clothes on those tiny plastic dolls…)

Lynn got a reply from Santa:

 dec&jan 281

The girls got home made doll beds for their American Girl Dolls.  They look like their own beds.

 dec&jan 282

 dec&jan 283

 dec&jan 284

They came with fitted sheets, pillows with pillow cases, and comforters. 

(I should really post more about these on the ol’ craft blog…)

And we had our traditional pull-a-parts and cocoa, or chocolate milk for those of us (ahem…  Merrill..) who call cocoa “caca”.

 dec&jan 288

Lynn and Ashley also got roller skates.  They had fun “practicing” inside the house.

 dec&jan 289

 dec&jan 291

And what is a Christmas sock without lip smackers?!  These were super cool, they are magnetic!

 dec&jan 294

Peyton loved playing Princess Pollys all day long…

 dec&jan 297

We headed over to mom and dad’s for lunch and more gifts..  Ashley was extremely bummed when she didn’t find the Jessie doll she has been wanting since the beginning of November underneath the tree at our house.  I knew that mom and dad had bought it for her just a couple of days within her saying she wanted it, so I kept telling her to just hold on, the day wasn’t quite over.  We still had grandpa and grandma Pitcher and grandma and grandpa Mayes’ to see..  When Merrill’s mom and dad came, they just brought a crummy old Wii (sarcasm here).  No Jessie doll.  She was slightly (sarcasm again) disappointed.  She was quite distraught and despondent until we got to mom and dad’s house.  As soon as that wrapped, perfectly sized box with her name on it was placed on her lap,  there was happiness and nothing else, not even a moment for mom to get there with her camera to capture the perfect moment. 

Nothing but happiness I tell you.

Pure happiness.

(It is official, she loves my mom and dad more than she does me and Merrill.)

 dec&jan 303

We were all pretty happy with mom’s chicken noodle soup too.

 dec&jan 308

Levi loved his Star Wars toys.  The ton-ton even has innards that come out….  it was so fun to watch Ken play with his boys.

dec&jan 305

And Peyton ate her black olives perfectly.

 dec&jan 312



dec&jan 324

After a little cat nap in the car, on the way home, we all played the Wii.

 dec&jan 341

And had a blast.

 dec&jan 356

Just a sampling of the damage done during our day.

 dec&jan 357

It was a Toy Story, Polly Pocket, miracle kind of Christmas this year, and it was pretty great.

Oh, Merrill got me a new Kitchen Aid hand mixer. :)  It is nice to have one that works again, like as in, BOTH beaters rotate.

Life is good.


Ally's Corner said...

Loving those beds!!!

anniebobannie said...

So fun! Homemade Chicken noodle sounds so gooood! I need to go eat lunch aparently!!!