Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More December traditions.. coming to you in… January.

Just playing one gigantic game of catch-up!

(Don’t mind me..)

So many fun things happen in December.  We try our hardest to do many things together as a family, and to make new traditions as we enjoy all the old ones.

Here’s a smattering:

Ogden’s Christmas Village.

dec&jan 149 copy

This year, we went for FHE and invited some of our favorite neighbors along.

dec&jan 147 copy

 dec&jan 151 copy

Just 7 kids between us.  No sweat! 

dec&jan 162

 dec&jan 169

 dec&jan 172

 dec&jan 177 copy

 dec&jan 186

We walked around until we were cold enough, then went back to our house for a variety of cocoa (between Julie and myself, I think we have just about every flavor that Stephens has ever made!) orange, and cinnamon rolls.

It was a fun night!

We started a tradition when Ashley was 2, that we paint ornaments as a family.  My parents did it one year, and I remember it well.  I am already for next Christmas!!  I bought next year’s on clearance for 29 cents each. :D

The girls love it too…

dec&jan 195 copy

dec&jan 196 copy

dec&jan 198 copy

dec&jan 201

We do sugar cookies every year too.  It is another favorite around here.  Santa expects them. :)

dec&jan 214

dec&jan 215

dec&jan 217

Peyton’s favorite: the frosting.

dec&jan 231

dec&jan 239

One of the last, and best, is the sleeping around the tree on the Eve of Christmas Eve.  We eat pizza, watch movies, snuggle up on the air bed or the couch, and just relax.  It has been going strong for three years now.  It is a nice way to take a break after all the busy-ness of the month.

(I got the idea from another blogger, Holly Brimhall.)

dec&jan 209 copy


anniebobannie said...

Oh how I love and mourn for your sugar cookies! Focus Annie, Focus! I love your traditions!!!

Julie said...

Looks like everyone had a really great Christmas. I LOVE the beds you made! They turned out so great.