Saturday, January 29, 2011

On a positive note.

I try, everyday, to seek out those things that are positive and motivating.  Things that speak truth to me, things that remind me of who I am.

I have recently fallen madly in love with two things:

1) Nat the fat rat

2) Little birdie e-mails

You can fall in love with them too!

This is a brilliant post I happened to read just now by Nat herself, written over a year ago, but just for me, for right now.  It really is beautiful.

The Brave Girls club has this fun, very uplifting and motivating e-mail service, that seems to send just the right little message at just the right time.

For example, I got this one today:

Is that not totally and utterly perfect?


You can go here and sign up for them too.  I suggest you do.

Love you all!

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anniebobannie said...

I LOVE Brave Girls Club!!! I am doing there workshop starting in April!!!