Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Temple Square.

There are many Christmas traditions in this little family, one that is a MUST every year.  Some don’t always get done, but this one, definitely happens.

This year was just a little different than the rest..

Lynn was going to be baptized soon.  The atonement was going to become more real in her life.  The birth of our Savior meant more to her personally.

I also agreed to the challenge of reading the Book of Mormon in it’s entirety the month of December.  That was 18 pages a day, just about every day. ;)  My personal relationship with Christ was in a different place as well.  The Christmas season, which is all about His birth, held a different, stronger meaning to me this year.

We entered the visitors’ center after viewing the Nativity, and immediately went upstairs to view the Christus.  I was so thankful to Merrill, for taking the younger two girls and the stroller so Lynn and I could walk up the ramp, hand in hand, enjoying this special moment.


I had feelings much like I did just outside, seeing the depiction of the Christ Child.  So thankful!!!  So thankful for the marvelous plan that my Heavenly Father made for me and for everyone.  So thankful for the son He gave so I could have a way to return home.  So thankful for the life of the Savior, for His willingness to give His life, to suffer for me.




We enjoyed the evening there, and it was one of the warmest as far as we could recall.





Loved the luminaries…  I actually had the know-how to be able to take these pictures this year.





I set the camera down on the ground, thought I had it focused just right (kinda hard to do when it is so dark!) and used the remote to take this one of our family.  I don’t care how blurry it is, I still love it!






anniebobannie said...

These Pictures are wonderful! You are REALLY good!

anniebobannie said...

These Pictures are wonderful! You are REALLY good!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Oh my, I teared up reading this. I needed to read this, this morning! :)

Julie said...

The pictures are amazing. I love all the moments you were able to capture.

Janet said...

Love it Mind, glad to see you are back- Dad and I especially loved you guys at Temple Square. All of those are especially beautiful.