Thursday, April 5, 2012

elle’s studio love.

it’s another designer spotlight at jessica sprague, and this designer is perfect for some hybrid goodness.  I am ashamed to admit, that hybrid is something that I always intend to do, I get all excited about, and then real life steps in.  seriously, where did all my good old days cut and glue kind of activity time go?

her entire store is on sale now through sunday at 40% off.  she has a wide range of products and many fun hybrid projects that get me excited for every holiday.

(and there’s a freebie!!!!)

excuse all of the cristmas-ness.  that is when this girls seems to inspire me the most, obviously.

(as always, you can click on each image for a list of full credits, and so forth.)

summer memorieses copy

Elle's vintage journaling cards copyelle's_studio_christmas_gifEllesStudio-PhotoCardsChristmas-Set4aEllesStudio-PhotoCardsChristmas-Set5aes_cupcake-picks_mindypitches_this moment copy


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Missy said...

CUTE!! So, what kind of printer do I need to make such adorable things? I'm new to the whole digital world...or do they just stay online as scrapbooks there? Oh, dear, I sound like a total dork here.