Saturday, April 7, 2012

hoppy easter


I know.

but it absolutely fits this here post.

easter happens in parts here.

as tradition goes, we have our hunt for treats the day before easter, trying to keep the focus of what easter is all about, entirely for the sabbath.

but there are two other hunts at grandmas’ houses, so there are 3 hunts for these kiddos.

I try to cut out on the candy, try being the operative word, and give more toy type stuff.  I also try to make as much of it as I can.

I usually make pajamas, but got a steal of a deal from disney online on some darling princess nightgowns.  so, I can save all of my pajama making energy for some later date..  and well, let’s be honest, ever since the 4 year old bed buddy has started the trend of hijacking my bed again, my neck is jacked.  no sewing can really happen with a jacked neck.

but crocheting can!

it’s perfect.  I have my yarn, my tools, my pattern, and my heating pad, on my neck, and I go to town!

I get e-mails from lion, and got one for cute, last minute easter ideas with this darling bunny as one of them.  it was easy!!

easter 001

of course I made them in each of the girls colors, because that is how we all stay sane around here, and I think they were on to me.

I can’t decide which I love most…

their cute faces:

easter 010

their sweet little pom-pom tails:

easter 008

or the apparent fact the the girls love them:

(peyton has already named hers baxter.  quite appropriate if you ask me.)

easter 022

as I was finishing them up, a whole other reason to love them came to mind.

my grandma taught me how to crochet.

she passed away 4 years ago.

I love her so much.

I miss her.

but I am so thankful for this easter season, the constant reminder that I will be with her again someday, and incredibly thankful for the life she lived, for the many things she taught me.

happy easter.


Ally's Corner said...

Why do you not have an Etsy store, why? You are so talented. Happy Easter!!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

those are so cute! I can't even follow a pattern! Love it!

kristen*morgan*kate said...

AHHHH!! Mindy those are adorable!! You'll definitely have to teach me... PLEASE!

Bonnie said...

Totally something Grandma would have made...

Jocelyn said...

uuummmm...those are the cutest bunnies ever? How did I not know you crocheted?? And yes, you could totally sell those:-)