Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the top of the dislike list.

there are a few things i can honestly say that i dislike.

the top of that list:

- dishonesty in all forms.
- clowns.

the third item:

- vomit.

now i know that vomit certainly has it's purpose and all, but the smell of it..  and what's worse, at my house, it usually makes a very unwelcome appearance while people should be sleeping.

yesterday was tuesday.  a busy day for us.  it went something like this:

- get the girls to school.
- doctor.
- store.
- lunch with merrill.
- chores.
- get the girls from school.
- after school snacks and a little homework.
- tumbling.
- dinner.
- soccer.
- baths/showers.
- teeth brushing.
- prayers.
- bed.

i was very happy that peyton was more than happy to go to bed.  no arguments.  no "one more drink" routine.  she was out when she hit the pillow.

i was very proud of myself when i got to bed before 11 (!!!!), but was really confused to be woken up an hour later to peyton, crying and covered in stinky vomit.

the poor kid.

when these things happen, i get crazy compassionate.  seriously, who wants to be vomiting?  she needed extra love.

she was concerned about her bunny who fell victim to a generous coating of the smelly stuff, and her sheets.  i put her in the tub and set to work cleaning and getting messy stuff in the washer.

the thing i can like, is that my kids are old enough to know to get to the toilet when they feel it coming, but a surge in your sleep is "a-hole nother" story.

after the tub, and pulling her wet hair back, so as to keep it away from another tummy assault, we set up camp on the couch.  "e.t." was the movie of choice.  we both tried to fall asleep.  i was a little jumpy.  every little cough or throat-clearing, and i was up, ready to present the barf bowl if needed.

as i lay there, thinking about how this sucks for her, i saw a bright side to this situation:

we get to spend time together,  just the two of us, totally uninterrupted.  and she is pretty darn sweet when she is sick. 

it would be so much funner if the vomit didn't smell so bad.  seriously.
if vomit smelled pleasantly, then the alarm clock or poop (because i dislike them equally) could claim the #3 spot.


Maecy said...

Sorry for Peyton and her mommy :( Hope it all gets better over there. On the bright side, you are good at looking at the bright side ;)

Julie said...

You left off "fixing the rain gutter" from your list. I hope Pey feels better soon (a-hole lot better).