Monday, April 2, 2012

some of the perks of being “mom”.


being home with my kids is what I have always wanted, ever since I was small.  there are days, when I know I have reached my limit, and kind of sort of want to run away, and I am then reminded that an event will more than likely transpire in my life within the next couple of days that will generally explain why I had a hormonal freak-out.

(hopefully it will also explain why that last sentence was a doosy.)

I told merrill the other night, after a really perfect day of being mom, that I really didn’t want to rub it in, but being mom is the best.

my day started out like any other, getting kids up, feeding them, policing the getting dressed routine, getting them off to school (on time), and so forth.  then it was my turn to get ready for the day.

if you are privy to the art of straightening hair, especially long-ish hair, you are aware that it can be a process.  I am used to this chore, and so is sweet peyton.

she knows that we will not be going anywhere or doing anything until it is taken care of, and she finds ways to entertain herself, and me too.

she got on a kick a while ago, a kick all about mammals.

it started with her asking what breastfeeding was, and eventually led to talk of other creatures that feed their young this way.

enter the mammal.

so we started listing animals, categorizing certain attributes (fur, hair, or feathers..), and would narrow them down to mammals.

as we drove around that day, that was the bulk of our communication.  as we shopped for our groceries, that was what got brought up.  it got downright silly. 

she sees a can of peas.

“do peas have feathers?”

(giggle giggle..)

so this fun child of mine remembered this activity as I started the process of straightening my hair the other day, and ran out of my bathroom.  when she returned, she had her bin of “little people” + animals in tow.

one by one, she brought out those animals, and we started naming attributes, and categorizing.

she is such a fun, bright child.  the fact that she remembers so much kind of scares me at times, but it will be a good thing someday.

it’s moments like these, small and what seem to be pretty unimportant, that make me so thankful that I get to be home with her.


Bonnie said...

Fab post. love them all!

mandi said...

Yes. To all of that. :)