Saturday, March 31, 2012

a promise is a promise.

I told you I would show you more of adorable luke and his adorable cousin…

luke audrey_05_vintage

and here’s your warning:

I could not narrow down her cake smash pictures.

try as I might, there are far too many that I love.

cake smashes are my new favorite!!  and I am a lucky girl because my last two have been with such sweet little girls.

audrey_02_b&w burnaudrey_07_vintage      audrey_15_b&w burnaudrey_27_b&w burnaudrey_41_vintage

besides having some of the cutest blue eyes, she had quite a sweet tongue:

audrey_40_b&w burnaudrey_45_vintageaudrey_46_b&w burnaudrey_51_b&w burnaudrey_54_b&w burn

but I had to share one of the top favorites for last:

audrey_57_b&w burn

seriously, just one more, pleeease merrill?

(I am shameless.)


Jocelyn said...

oh my word...girl these are awesome!!! You have such an eye for photography! I love all the details that you captured! This little girl is seriously adorable!!!

kdance10 said...

Oh mindy you so need another baby, you make the cutest kiddos:) These pictures are adorable!