Friday, March 30, 2012

what is wrong with this picture I ask you?

this is what happens, apparently, when mom is unconscious on the couch, suffering with “the plague”.
little bo peep here, I have since discovered, is very proficient in the following:
a) finding temporary tattoos confiscated from her sister’s room and kept in that room where her belongings live until she earns them all back.
(looks like ash really doesn’t care about these items in particular, eh?)
2) finding scissors ( I have them all hidden, have no idea where she got some) to separate tattoos.
c) cutting aforementioned temporary tattoos without harming the images to be tattooed.      (or severing the appendages of the tattooee.)
IV.) applying temporary tattoos.
(very expertly I should add.)
so happy to be healed, and able to head-off any more similar tests of proficiency in this four-year-olds life.

in other news, spring has sprung:



Ally's Corner said...

I don't think anything is wrong with that picture!! JK Love it!!

Julie said...

She did do a pretty good job. Just sayin'.