Sunday, March 4, 2012

a memorable day for lynn.

dixon (father-in-law) serves as a state representative.  he was assigned to lead the house in a prayer and the pledge of allegiance for the morning of january 27th.  he asked lynn if she would like to come and lead the house in the pledge.
it was quite a day.
I am sure that merrill and I were far more nervous than she was!
in fact, many of my pictures turned out quite blurry.  between the tears in my eyes, and my shaky hands, it’s no wonder!
my sister-in-law informed me that there is a video clip of it online (which is fantastic, because I am not sure why/how we didn’t get it all recorded).
you can see it here.
(you have to scroll down a bit, get to january 27
she got to meet many representatives, and madam speaker, becky lockhart.
jan 020edit
afterwards, we got to go to the “treat room”, where grandpa made sure no one left hungry.
jan 043edit
it was quite a memorable day for our little family.
we are so proud of lynn!


Ally's Corner said...

WOW!!! That is just wonderful!!

Claudia said...

She did beautifully!!! You have ever right to be proud of her.
Tell Clint hi from Elder and Sister Beckstrand.

Maecy said...

She's cool under pressure! Good job Lynn.